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Our Terms and Conditions

Vision Citadelle is a philanthropic organization that intervenes in Education, Environment, Agriculture and Health. We operate thanks to the support of our donors and our volunteers. We receive online donations where the following policy applies. By using the www.visioncitadelle.org website or related transactional pages, you agree to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which may be changed without notice. Further, you agree to review these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy from time to time and acknowledge that your continued use of the Website signifies your acceptance of any changes that may have been made. These are the official French version of the terms of use and privacy policy. In case of incompatibility, the official French version prevails over the English version. For the purposes hereof, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to the organization whose contact details can be found under the page http://www.visioncitadelle.org/nous-joindre. We strive to ensure that the information on the Website is reliable when published. Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate or complete, free of error or omission, or that it is up to date at all times. We are not responsible for any damages that may result from the inaccessibility of the Website or any difficulty you may experience when accessing the Website, including service interruption, network failure, equipment malfunction, computer or otherwise, or software, or any transmission that is defective, incomplete, incomprehensible or deleted, whether or not such difficulty has been brought to our attention. We reserve the right to suspend at any time, without warning, total or partial access to the Website, including any part of the transactional pages or our pages accessible through the websites of certain social media.

Hyperlink :

This Website contains hyperlinks that may direct you to the partners’ websites or to the transactional site of the websites of our service providers. The fact that this Website provides links to other websites does not mean that we endorse or approve the content of these websites or the products, services or publications that may appear there. The content available through these hyperlinks is not subject to our policies. Consequently, we decline all responsibility for any damages you may suffer when you are redirected to another website by means of a hyperlink. Sales taxes During an online donation transaction, the taxation policy of our service providers will apply.

Payment :

You can pay the amount of your transaction by means of a credit card issued in Canada by Visa™ and MasterCard™ by all international financial institutions Confirmation of your transaction Once your transaction is finalized, we will receive confirmation and you will receive a acknowledge this receipt with thanks.

Your use of the Website :

 You are prohibited, and you agree not to, from transmitting any inappropriate, obscene or fraudulent information to this Website. You are prohibited from, and agree to refrain from, engaging in any activity related to the use of this Website that constitutes a criminal offense or an unlawful act. You agree to indemnify us against all causes of action arising out of any act or inaction by you relating to your use of this Website in violation of this paragraph. We assume no responsibility or liability that may arise from unlawful content of any user’s transmissions or uploads.

IT Security :

We comply with applicable law governing the protection of personal information. In addition, the Service Provider employs appropriate techniques to guarantee the confidentiality of the information exchanged between you and it on the transactional pages. The Service Provider also protects the information exchanged in the event of access to the Website by means of an unprotected platform or in a public place which could risk compromising the confidentiality of your personal information. However, we accept no liability for any damages you may suffer as a result of your accessing the website in such circumstances. Email communications are neither secure nor confidential. They can be lost or intercepted, like communications made by other means (for example by post). No electronic system is perfectly secure or error-free. We accept no liability for any damages you may suffer as a result of using our Website or exchanging emails or electronic messages, whether from you or from us. You are solely responsible for ensuring the protection and safeguarding of your data when using your IT devices and platforms.