Ayiti ka pran swen Ayiti !

Since its creation, Vision Citadelle has always supported the efforts of Haitian farmers in agricultural production and reforestation.
In 2015, the organization strengthened its commitment to the agricultural sector by investing more in the production and processing of agricultural commodities.

This is how one of its main projects in the South of Haiti was born: The construction of a CITADEL (Industrial Center Agricultural Transformation and Local Development) CITADEL thus becomes the arm of Vision Citadelle in the agricultural sector.

It is thanks to CITADEL products that Vision Citadelle manages to support its basic activities such as: Education for young people in disadvantaged areas, Reforestation and Drinking water supply.

Ayiti ka pran swen Ayiti!

The various agricultural products that we sell on the Canadian market and which constitute one of our main sources of financing are: Essential oils (Palma Christie), Petit-mille, Breadfruit, Mangoes, Giraumonts, etc. Any partnership in projects in this sector will be welcome.