A child

Is childhood everywhere in the world this dream period of carefreeness and fulfillment? We can definitely answer “NO”! It remains more urgent than ever to act in favor of children in emerging (or developing) countries: poverty attacks them on all fronts, and they experience it with their hands, with their bodies. together, with their minds, with their hearts... Sponsoring a child means allowing them to go to school, to learn and above all to prepare well for the life that is beginning.

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A donation to Vision Citadelle allows local workers to have a lasting impact on the lives of people living in poverty and inequity. Your donation allows us to support skilled and committed local workers who have the training and support needed to effect meaningful change. Do you know one of our workers who is already working on the mission field?

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A tree

Allow the Haitian forest to regain its rights and offer a source of income to local populations. This is the ambition of the “Sponsor a tree” project. Your donation will help plant new fruit trees. In 1923 Haiti's forest cover was 63%, today it is 1.5%. Vision Citadelle is particularly committed to this reforestation project. In addition, VC encourages the growth of fair trade sectors using products from the Haitian forest. Reforestation also allows the preservation of fresh water in the country, "by ensuring the sustainability of the natural water cycle but also the safeguarding of fauna and flora".

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A project

For more than 20 years, Vision Citadelle has managed sponsorships in order to effectively use the donations received for its development and cooperation work. Choose to sponsor a project at the rate of 1 dollar per day (or more according to your desire).
Support the project of your choice regularly. You will help us to increase our efficiency. You can end this commitment at any time if you change your mind. It goes without saying that you can also commit to the chosen project by making a one-time donation.

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How does your support cross borders?

When you support a local Vision Citadelle worker, your spirit and your solidarity accompany him in his mission. Be sure to tell us who you are sponsoring and if we can tell them. Most of our volunteers would like to personally thank those who support them in their endeavor!

You can contact us at  Info@Visioncitadelle.Org


write to us and send us at
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