About us

Vision Citadelle is a non-profit international cooperation organization, founded in 1995 to meet the needs of poor people in Haiti. The head office of this Canadian organization is located in Laval, a northern suburb of the city of Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada.

Our Mission

Vision Citadelle has made it its mission to meet the economic, environmental, educational and spiritual needs of the Haitian people in general.

The vision of the organization is to be an important player in the development of Haiti and, by the same token, to allow the children we support to have a better quality of life. We also intend to be participants in the reforestation of the country as well as in the supply of drinking water.

Afin d’y parvenir, nous travaillons en partenariat avec d’autres organismes partageant nos objectifs et nos valeurs. Nous croyons , en effet, si plusieurs organismes travaillent main dans la main afin d’atteindre les mêmes buts, nous pensons pouvoir constater de véritables changements d’ici quelques années.

In addition to all the humanitarian work, Vision Citadelle makes every effort to instill in students civic, moral and Christian values. In addition, we strongly encourage our young people to volunteer and connect with elders. Finally, we make every effort to ensure that our children go as far as possible in their studies so that they are equipped to face the challenges of life.

At Vision Citadelle, in addition to helping to relieve human suffering today, we strive to prepare and equip the generations of tomorrow. This is where our slogan comes from: “For the revalorization of being”.

The sponsorship program is divided into several facets :

  • Child sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of workers
  • Participation in various environmental projects
  • Participate in reforestation and the planting of fruit trees
  • Drinking water supply

The sponsorship program also provides several children with a good education and care, which gives them hope for a better future.

Vision Citadelle contributes sporadically to various projects elsewhere in Haiti, in particular to one-off financial aid for schools located in St-Jean-du-Sud, Les Cayes and in the Delmas 75 district in the city of Port-au-Prince. . The organization also participates in drinking water supply projects in various rural localities.