The Significance of the name: Vision Citadelle

Erected on top of a mountain 970 meters high, the fortress, called the Citadelle Laferrière, was built in 1817

It was built by a king of Haiti, King Henri Christophe (1767-1820), then General of the Haitian army in order to protect the country against Napoleon who tried to overtake the new nation after Haiti gained independence from France. The Citadelle, located in Milot, in the northern tip of Haiti, covers about one hectare and involved the work of 20,000 men.

In particular, it overlooks the northern plain, the Bay of Cap-Haitien, Grande Riviere du Nord and the city of Cap-Haitien

Today, almost two hundred years later, this gigantic monument represents for the Haitian people not only hope for a better future, but above all represents the highest aspirations of this nation.

In the same spirit, Vision Citadelle wants to be involved in the highest aspirations of Haitians.

Since its inception in 1995, our organization works with Haitians in several areas such as education, environment, agriculture and drinking water supply.

Vision Citadelle (VC) is built on Christian values. So, like the Citadelle is something big and solid for Haitians, the person of Jesus Christ is the fortress of Vision Citadelle, our greatest thing. Through all the humanitarian work we do, sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people is our purpose, leading each to a personal relationship with the Lord and Saviour..

By integrating these five areas of responsibility, VC is confident that our efforts will contribute to the development of this beautiful country. We look forward to having the opportunity to see in several years that the seeds we plant today will bear much good fruit For us, we continue to hope, despite everything seeming impossible. Towards revaluing the person. .

Vision Citadelle, pour la revalorisation de l’être.

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Un moyen efficace...

Le parrainage vise à répondre à l'ensemble des besoins de l'enfant :

-  physiques,

-  économiques,

-  sociaux,

-  et aussi spirituels.

L'enfant est aidé sur tous les plans. Sa scolarité est suivie au même titre que sa santé afin que tous les efforts soient conjugués pour assurer un bon développement, pour cet enfant.

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