Donations, Legacy, Life-Insurance


Every day people make the decision to support financially the work of Vision Citadelle by the intervention of one of the following ways::

Make a legacy!

Choose Vision Citadelle as beneficiary of a donation, a legacy or a life insurance, it is to show the big confidence in the action that Vision Citadelle leads which works in Haiti about 20 years. It is also to proove the attachment to the disadvantaged children and to their future.

DONATION : : Donation is an act by which you transmit, in your lifetime, the movable or real estate property with Vision Citadelle, which receives it and accepts it. The donation is necessarily registered by a solicitor. It is irrevocable.

Legacy : · You can bequeath by will all or a part of your movable or Real Estate possessions to Vision Citadelle. The legacy is revocable: you just have to draft another will which will cancel your previous decision..

LIFE INSURANCE : You can sign a life insurance with an financial Establishment (Bank, Insurer ...) and indicate Vision Citadelle as beneficiary of all or a part of funds. This indication is modifiable at any time.

To better organize your succession, it is important to take advice from your solicitor.

Do not either hesitate to contact our Accountant, Darnley Gazemar  at 514-714-2367 or by


The gifts paid to Vision Citadelle are used in at 92 % proportion in direct support for the children. Eight percent of the gifts is necessary to assume the usual expenses of administration such, mail, banking charges, etc..

The administrators of Vision Citadelle receive no salary or benefit consider some of expenses. All the work made by these is completely voluntary and from private workplaces..

Thank you for your precious help.

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En tant que partenaire, vous recevrez...

  • Une trousse de bienvenue contenant les renseignements pertinents de l'organisme et sur les programmes en cours en Haïti

  • La photo de l'enfant ou de l'ouvrier que vous parrainez avec ses détails personnels et une description détaillée

  • La lettre de nouvelle de Vision Citadelle, directement dans votre boîte de courriels

  • Un reçu pour fins d'impôts pour vos contributions totalisant un minimum de 50$ canadien pour année en cours

Nous Contacter

Pour en savoir d'avantage sur Vision Citadelle, sur nos programmes ou sur la façon de collaborer à nos projets, veuillez communiquer avec nous:

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Téléphone: 514-867-4826  -  514-464-8367
Télécopieur: 450-661-7849