Les collaborateurs

Dominique Majeau

Responsable de la promotion et relations publiques


Dominique is married to Johanne Brazeau, since 1999. He works in the advertisement industry within a company specializing in the manufacture of billboards. Dominique further developed himself in the field of retail for 14 years, including two and a half self-employed. He and Johanne are members of the Metropolitan Christian Centre in Montreal. They come alongside various humanitarian causes on occasion, for example benefit concerts. From 2002 to 2005, Dominique has served on the advisory committee of the Festival Gospel de Repentigny. He served as promoter of church functions, sponsorship officer and treasurer. Also, he held similar positions at the Global Vision Foundation who work in the city of Cap-Haitien. Having the interests of disadvantaged children at heart, and with his experience in business, he joined Vision Citadel as Head of promotions and public relations.


Jean-Marie LAURENT



Jean-Marie holds of a Bachelor degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Montreal. He has over 35 years of professional experience developing the workforce. He is founder of the Centre of Development and Investment in Manufacturing Energy Equipment in Haiti/ Centre de Développement et d’Investissements en Fabrication d’Équipements Énergétiques en Haïti (CDIFEEH Inc) & (CDIFEEH sa).

 Since April 2010, he has collaborated with Vision Citadelle in developing a strategy of efficient use of energy for cooking food with charcoal by Haitian families by promoting the improved stove.





Danielle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. Her career of over 30 years focused on the development of the process of helping relationships for people in search of employment..

She expressed deep concern with deforestation that has become increasingly important in Haiti, causing a huge impact on the country's economy but especially on the quality of life of the Haitian people. Accordingly, Danielle has a strong interest in supporting projects to prevent this deforestation and promoting reforestation

Danielle is actively involved in the project CDIFEEH-Vision Citadelle. Deeply convinced of the relevance and necessity of such an action,she is serving in a part-time commitment, and looks forward to investing more energy into this focus in retirement.


Révérend Joël Arnoux

Director of VC in Haiti


Pastor Joel was born in Port au Prince October 15, 1958. He is married to Joseph Audanie since July 31, 1993. The couple has five children today: Puthuel, Dinael, Pdahel, Abdeel and Jovanie.

In addition to his primary and secondary studies, he studied four years in theology in Port au Prince and graduated in 1996.

Pastor Joel began his missionary career in 1990 and was officially ordained as a pastor in 2001 During this same year, he began to serve at Verrettes, in Artibonite department. He and his wife oversee the Vision Citadelle operations in Haiti. Pastor Joel also directs the mixed full-time institution and Vision Citadelle Church.


Windy Prévil


Born in Port au Prince, Windy is from a family of five children. She immigrated to Canada in 2004 to begin her university studies in Montreal

With a BA in Literature from the University of Montreal, she currently teaches at an elementary school in Gatineau.

Willing to participate in the socio-economic advancement of her native country, it is with conviction that she joined the staff of Vision Citadelle team in 2004. In fact, her talents and dedication have been used to all areas, including secretary and manager of kiosks.

Her volunteer experience within Citadel Vision has enabled her to acquire tools and develop skills both professionally and personally. Even today, Windy is proud to participate effectively in building the nation where she was born.


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