A Word from the President

Dear friends and partners of Vision Citadelle,

It is a great privilege for someone to be able to influence the lives and the future of others. Especially when this effort is part of a process to improve the lives of populations and their environment. .

Consider the loving spirit of the young Henri Christophe who was able to break his own chains, liberate his brethren from the yoke of slavery and bring the world one of the great wonders, la Citadelle. It is precisely in this context that Vision Citadelle is committed to contribute to a better future for the Haitian people in particular and the world in general.

Specifically, since its inception, Vision Citadelle strives to contribute to the reduction of human suffering in this beautiful country of Haiti. Today it is over a thousand children we support daily. To do this, our organization puts priority on the foundations of education, environment, agriculture and supplying safe drinking water. Furthermore, being based on Christian values through our humanitarian work, Vision Citadelle cares about teaching the gospel for everyone to have a solid anchor point for his life. .

Focusing on these five areas, Vision Citadelle is confident that Haiti will experience positive development, this one child at a time. Hence our slogan: Towards revaluing the person.

For us, we continue to hope, despite everything seeming impossible. Like the Citadelle Laferrière (located in Milot in the north near Cap Haitien) symbolizes hope and the highest aspirations of the Haitian people, Vision Citadelle wants to partner with these same aspirations. Hence the name Vision Citadelle.

In closing, I wish you a good navigation on our site. But above all, I invite you to come on board and become part of this adventure of improving the lives and future of Haitians. I also hope to count you soon among our partners. For more information, please contact us. You will find us contact information by selecting the 'Contact Us'' ’’.

Salutations distinguées,

Joseph Maurice Chavannes,


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Qui peut-être parrainé?

On nous demande souvent "de quelle façon choisit-on les enfants pour le programme de parrainage ?"

Le représentant de l'organisme, lors de ses voyages dans le pays, aide à identifier les enfants les plus vulnérables de la région. Puis, on demande aux familles de ces enfants si elles désirent recevoir l’aide de Vision Citadelle par le biais du programme de parrainage d'enfant en leur faisant bien comprendre que tous les membres de la communauté en profiteront.

Nous Contacter

Pour en savoir d'avantage sur Vision Citadelle, sur nos programmes ou sur la façon de collaborer à nos projets, veuillez communiquer avec nous:

Adresse: 1192, boulevard Lesage,
                      Laval, Québec, Canada H7E 4S4
Téléphone: 514-867-4826  -  514-464-8367
Télécopieur: 450-661-7849
Courriel: info@visioncitadelle.org